Original Equipment Manufacturers have complex requirements that need to be supported to ensure equipment production, while also minimising total manufacturing costs and mitigating long-term risks. AKE Infra provides unmatched services for outsourced manufacture of assemblies, sub-assemblies, bases and machine beds. Not only does AKE specialise in delivering products made of cast iron, it also provides customised solutions with Stainless Steel and other alloys based on the requirement and specification.

Over the years, the company has acquired a well-earned reputation for technical competence, quality engineering and on-time and on-budget project delivery capabilities. Its unique processes and practices have time-and-again provided innovative solutions to leading OEMs and Special Equipment Manufacturers in the field of Construction, Power Generation, Power Transmission, Mining and Material Handling. AKE has become the one-touch solution to many clients over the years for contract metal manufacturing and metal fabrication services.