In the last two decades, India’s horizon has been a constantly changing scenario, attributed to its infrastructural advancements in the form of industrial and commercial buildings being erected in every city and town. The construction industry is facing an increasing demand for high-quality, low-time solutions to meet the country’s rising economy. This is achievable only if the equipment supplied to the industry is advanced in parameters, reliable in performance, high in quality, minimal in down-time, simple in structure and easy in operation. At AKE Infra, we believe that the construction equipment is only as strong as its weakest component. This is why we bank on our years of experience and innovation to ensure that every component exceeds the industry standard of quality and performance.

AKE Infra offers its civil construction equipment manufacturing clients customized solutions for their machinery. Every component undergoes stringent quality checks for assured, superior and reliable performance. AKE Infra prides itself on its consistent delivery plans so its clients’ manufacturing schedule remains uninterrupted and unaffected. The company has provided components for manufacturing civil equipment such as cranes, dumpers, tippers, dozers, pavers, etc.

AKE Infra’s work for BEML deserves special mention. The company developed a dumper body exclusively for BEML BH-60 machine with a capacity of 60 tons & weighing about 12 tons. AKE Infra continues to remain an exclusive source outside BEML to produce this component for them. The body is made up of 100% special materials such as Hardox, Weldox and St-52 grades of steel. It was developed in the record time of 2 months & approved by BEML at very first instance.