Established in 1996 as a proprietary concern, A K Engineers and converted to AKE Infrastructure Pvt Ltd in 2014, we are a professionally managed organization with a mission to deliver high quality products to all our customers. Since it’s inception, the organisation has played a key role in the engineering sector. It has delivered a wide range of services to various industrial companies including those in Construction Equipment Manufacturing, Original Equipment Manufacturing, Power Generation, Transmission and Mining. Ake Infra’s product portfolio includes assemblies & sub-assemblies such as alternator stator frames, motor bodies up to 25 tons in weight, bases & machine beds, assemblies/ sub-assemblies for the special purpose machine segments, concrete mixing drums & chassis for the self-loading concrete mixing machines , buckets , booms and arms for the construction & mining equipment sector and Dumper Bodies for the heavy construction & mining equipment.

The organisation has set up a state of the art production area of 85,000sq.ft in Bangalore with a production capacity is 24,000 tonnes per annum. The production unit observes strict and rigorous quality testing processes to ensure the products surpass the industry standards of quality.

Customers from various industries turn to AKE Infra for solutions for their demanding or challenging projects. Our unmatched capabilities have earned us the reputation of being industry leader in fabrication and engineering. Our exceptional craftsmanship and precise finish sets AKE Infra’s products apart from the rest. AKE Infra aims at providing top-notch output using cost and time effective processes to facilitate our customer’s to achieve maximum efficiency.