Material handling is an integral part of any product manufacturing and distribution industry. Productivity, profitability and human safety has become the mantra of these industries. Material handling equipment helps these industries attain just that. The need for these machines has created a niche market in the equipment manufacturing sector. These companies rely on superior strength materials and components that can guarantee uninterrupted service with minimal downtime and an assurance for safety of human life as well as the materials itself. AKE Infra’s unparalleled service and delivery record has made it the natural component supplier for these companies.

AKE Infra is committed to offer material handling manufacturing companies high value, low cost solutions for their regular as well as specialised requirements. AKE Infra supplies various components for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of these material handling machines including conveyers, cranes, and storage equipment. AKE Infra ensures better value for investment through its long lasting material that remains uncompromised in quality.