Electricity has become a necessity in today’s digital world. every inch of our life is covered with devices that is fuelled by electricity. Demand for power generation is driven by industrial, official, residential and commercial needs. This demand has given way to a demand for resilient power generation and transmission equipment. Power generation and transmission requires various heavy-duty power generation equipment, power generation systems and power transmission equipment like overhead power conductors, power capacitors, power converters, power generation boilers, power supply converters, power plant valves etc. The industry is rapidly gaining momentum across the world and the market size and sales has shot up proportionally. AKE Infra has become a beacon for the companies that are tirelessly manufacturing power generation and transmission equipment.

AKE Infra offers a broad range of services to power generation and transmission equipment manufacturers. The company specialises in providing solutions for technologically advanced power products and total project solutions for better infrastructure.It supplies spare parts, material and equipment for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of boilers, turbines, generators and other auxiliaries based on the client’s requirements and designs. It implements its expertise to ensure components delivered to its clients are fail-safe and robust.