Efficiency, value for time and resources, precision and maximum productivity are some of the key factors that pave the path for success in many organizations and industries. Companies are increasingly turning to customised solutions to help promote product innovation and speed-to-market in line with market demands and competitive pressures. These customised solutions in the form of special purpose machines extend the capabilities of the engineering organization in areas such as product engineering, process engineering, manufacturing process engineering, embedded systems, controls and industrial automation solutions. AKE Infra provides lasting support to SPM manufacturers and enables them to helps companies align operations to their business objectives.

Based on the client’s designs and requirement, the engineering divisionprovides customised solutions and fabricates these high productivity machines for the client. AKE specialises in providing various types of assemblies, sub-assemblies, machine bases etc. to SPM manufacturers and OEMs. Through its commitment, AKE Infra aims at helping its clients optimize man-machine productivity. AKE Infra has been successful in providing customised solutions for numerous projects to leading SPM and original equipment manufacturers across the country.